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you are the star that's in my sky...

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Oh dear, today was a dreadfully fun day, despite the fact that 10 hours of it was spent at work.
i slept over at caitlin's friday night, woke up, watched peter pan, went home to get ready for work. work was fun and i was visited by caitlin, colleen, evan, zac, britt, lucy, tyler, jen, and paul. it was fantastic!! i was so happy when paul came to get me for lunch, and even happier because tyler most definitley does not dislike me at all. he bought us taco bell and rambled about his potatoe gun and the navy, it was quite fun and now i can see why paul and tyler are bestest friends!

so, as paul, tyler, and jen were walking me back to express, who shows up...*drumroll*..caitlin and coll!! i was so very excited!! we hung around in the store for a while and then they went to go find evan, who they then brought back to express. evan is the cutest kid ever!!! he gave me like 10 hugs the first day i met him, as well as a kiss on the head..good times.

then caitlin, coll, and evan left and i got to play with was fun. and my manager today was this big gay guy named ruben..i love that man. he was so sweet, and, goodlord, had the best fashion sense EVER. so, i was fixing the pants and zac, like, appeared, followed by lucy and britt. we had fun times and they all tried on clothes, and looked incredibley sexy in them, to say the least. lucy found a kickass dress which was completely perfect for her, i sure do hope she buys it!!! zac tried on women's pants and looked fucking stunning in them, seriously, they were sexy as fuck. and britt also tried on pants, which made her look like a supermodel, like whoa! oh man, i love express... BEST JOB EVER!!!

anyways, my feet and calves hurt from wearing heels all day..damn

well, i'm talking to paul on the phone, so i must go!

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so cut my wrists and black my eyes, so i can fall asleep tonight...

ah, how i love family guy. it is seriously the greatest cartoon of all times...makes me smile even when i'm angry and such.

so, the week just started and i'm getting a stressed and such about quizzes and tests...damn school!!! but,yay, i'm soo anxious to figure out if i got a part in Peter Pan. it will be so much fun, even if i don't get a part and just get to work stage crew or something.

i started at Express yesterday, and it is the most fun job!! i love it!! i bought a shitload of clothes and got 50% off on them, and, my whole day revolved around putting together outfits and telling people how they looked in them. also, *eep*, they gave me a headset so i could talk to the other girls in the store in case i needed anything...i felt so important, it was uberly-awesome. but, *tear*, i hafta work like 10 hours this weekend (7pm-close Friday & 1pm-10pm Saturday), and the only time i get is a one hour break on saturday. hopefully zac, and , paul, and troy..and anyone else to wants to visit me will stop by <333333

i am awfully sleepy, so i am gonna go now, but i will try to update tomorrow if i have time! goodnight everyone!!

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spend the night lit, listening to miles davis, you said it makes you wanna fall in love...

wow, it's been a while, aye?

well, i've been a tad bit busy, but i am always happy to be able to update my lovely little LJ! school is now underway, and it really isn't that bad at all...besides the fact that i don't have too many classes with many of my friends. all i really have is zac, caitlin in a couple, coll in one, and troy is one. there are other people i have in my classes too, that i love, like lisa, erika pereda, adam, brock, matthew, christopher, gahh, i cannot remember anymore...sorry =(

anywho...I GOT THE MUTHA-FUCKING JOB AT EXPRESS!! so, everyone that made fun of me about it or thought i wouldn't get it can EAT SHIT! awesome, it feels so good to get something that i really wanted and worked for, hooooo-ray!

also, *eep*, try-outs are tonight for Peter Pan!!! i am really, really excited about that!! i always LOVED peter pan as a kid, so it would be fun to be involved in this play, even if it is as something small, or, hell, a techie would even be uber-cool!! i have never been in a real play before, so, although i am a wee bit nervous, i am more excited than ever!! because i <3 doing new, fun things!! yayy

well, today, as petty and childish as this sounds, i almost died...because i heard the name of my favorite band in the world come from the mouth of someone i fucking hate. and, so fucking annoying, she is one of those people that only listens to stuff if it is the "big thing" on MTV. i fucking hate mtv, it makes all the little fucking teeny-bopper bitches get hooked on awesome indie bands such as yellowcard, for example. but, this particular person was talking about my beautiful taking back made me so angry. fucking poser bitch, they were awesome before MTV, and if you didn't see that then fuck off, seriously....ahh

well, sorry, i needed to vent. that was only meant to offend one person, if any, so, don't be offened unless you are like that, and if you are i'm sure i have addressed that issue already...

well, i must get ready for play try-outs and dance to fall out boy...

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we're gonna die like this, you know, miserable and old...

yay, more fun quiz thingos!!!!!!!

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back in school they never taught us what we needed to know...

so, another school year has started....and it is pretty junky already. now, don't get me wrong, my classes are all pretty good, but, ugh, i have had at least 2 hours of homework each night...and i only just finished the second day! i have a feeling we are all in for a pretty difficult junior year....urgh

anyways, paul and i have been going out for a little over a week now, hooray! but, AHH, we were talking tonight and he mentioned that his parents would like to have me over for dinner on scary!! i am really shy around parents, especially those of a boyfriend..just b/c they always give me the feeling that i am being judged, which is horrid. and, i really think it's a tad bit too early to be throwing parents into the mix. i mean, we are still getting to know eachother as it is. oh well, it had to happen sometime, i guess i'll just get it over with now.

so, i really am not enjoying my job all that much as of right blows. i swear, schock's is like a little cult...once you get in, there is no escaping. i really want express to call me back, because that job would be pretty fun!! but, oh well if they don't, i can always fill out more applications at different places. i'm bound to fincd a new job sooner or later.

well, i'm sleepy and still need to eat, so, i'm gonna go now!

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i'm sorry it took me so long....

so, i got a complaint that i haven't posted in a while...and then i realized that he was right. and that is why i am here, plus i'm bored, and i love posting....
that aside, today sucked monkey balls...i didn't have enough money to go to riverfest, and then my mom and Pabs needed help in the basement w/ painting. later, caitlin forgot to call me, so my mom went crazy and wouldn't let me leave the house..grrr!!

but, i am going to forget about today and try to have fun tomorrow....
yesterday was lovely...i went to work, the animal shelter, and then out with paul. we drove around for a while, and then finally ended up at panera, it was tastey. then we were both craving oreos and milk, so we stopped by meijer and then went off to our star-watching spot..'nuff said 'bout that...

i really don't want school to start, i'm not ready at all...i still need at least a month more to sleep in. it sucks, because monday is my last day to sleep in before shcool, but i hafta wake up at 8am for BBBS..hurray

here's a poem i wrote a while back and only showed to jake:

the angel's wings were burned tonight,
in the darkness of the hall.
all the fuel that fed the the fire was
the product of an unspoken love,
kept in the darkest of corners.
he hid her from the world,
and she loved him more than words,
but the shame of age and constant tears
tore the night to shreds.
she tried to keep him happy,
but he never smiled.
she got undressed and did what she was expected,
but he never said those 3 small words...
so she kept herself together with the constant reminder of the moment
when her world would be burned to the ground,
so she would never have to wait for 'i love you's'

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with every breath i hope your body will be broken again...

oh no! i can't find my fall out boy cd!! i hope it's in my car, i really do....speaking of fall out boy, i got my tickets today for the TAKING BACK SUNDAY fall tour with matchbook romance and FOB...wooo!!! but, woah, the ticket seller lady gave me a good scare...she started looking through the computer and then was like, "i'm sorry dear, but it's sold out". i almost shit a freaking brick...but thankfully, the lady typed in the wrong numbers or something *phew*

yay, now i've gotta start a countdown for october 2nd!! yay for TBS, MBR, and FOB!!! i cannot wait, and now paul is actually pumped about it!! hoo-rayyy!!

well, i'm sleepy and i hafta get up at, like 6am tomorrow to go to chicago with paul...yay, but, meh, i'm gonna be sooo freaking tired

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