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you are the blood in my veins...

oh man,
Take2DEhoopGRL34: schremser is talkin about ur ass again
Take2DEhoopGRL34: and both him and jake said its hott

isn't that nice to know? i thought so...damn boys are always talking about my poor ass. just leave it alone already, it's taken! yes, that is right, my ass is taken. end of story, no more ass comments.


i'm so lame, it really does make me laugh. like, for instance how i magically decided one day that i have the ability to stencil a shirt. god, was i horribley wrong on that one. but, hopefully i'll be able to pull something together before next saturday AKA 'the best day ever, which my whole life up to this point has been leading up to'. yes, that's right, the glory of TAKING BACK SUNDAY live and in person is what i have been living 16 years to see. hah, yes, it is, i'm lame..see, i told you all what a nerd i am, and now i really hope everyone believes it.

well, now that i am done rambling (for now) i can gush about how much i adore the gorgeous boy i am going out with. he is amazing...the sweetest thing ever in the world. so sweet, infact, that he asked me if i wanna go to hawaii with him over christmas break. now, as much fun as that would be, there are two problems with it, 1) we are both poor, 2) my mom, oh wait, no, there are more...3) i would have to go with his entire family = awkward, as much as i love them. so, it looks like we are going to have to wait a while for the hawaii dream to become a reality. and hopefully if i go a second time nothing painful will happen...

so, as tons of people have been told (but probably forgot) i, like, already have names for the kids i will unfortunately end up having someday. and i was telling paul this the other day and, aww, the brought it up today when i was saying what a cute name "Amber" is. here's the story: paul and i were on the phone and he was in his cross country team's van w/ the team and the coaches 5 year-old daughter, amber. so, i got all excited and was like, 'oh man i love the name amber!!' and then he was like, 'i think i like 'iris rose' better'. which is the name i told him i wanna name my first, i thought it was terribley adorable, and now we have to get

anywhoooo...i have a problem with procrastinating, i'm a 'failure by design', what can i say? awesome song... but, yes, i have a history oral report to give next wednesday and i have basically nothing prepared thus far. so, i need to put my lazy ass into hardcore history overdrive so i can get this shit done and get myself an A.


time for bed, sorry to end so abrubtly, but i have slight ADD and my right foot is fast asleep, which will soon be followed by the rest of my body...

toodles! ;)

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