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best personality trait:outgoing
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when will you get married?June 23, 2010
your kiss is:meaningful!
People date you because:you're kind
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Oh dear, today was a dreadfully fun day, despite the fact that 10 hours of it was spent at work.
i slept over at caitlin's friday night, woke up, watched peter pan, went home to get ready for work. work was fun and i was visited by caitlin, colleen, evan, zac, britt, lucy, tyler, jen, and paul. it was fantastic!! i was so happy when paul came to get me for lunch, and even happier because tyler most definitley does not dislike me at all. he bought us taco bell and rambled about his potatoe gun and the navy, it was quite fun and now i can see why paul and tyler are bestest friends!

so, as paul, tyler, and jen were walking me back to express, who shows up...*drumroll*..caitlin and coll!! i was so very excited!! we hung around in the store for a while and then they went to go find evan, who they then brought back to express. evan is the cutest kid ever!!! he gave me like 10 hugs the first day i met him, as well as a kiss on the head..good times.

then caitlin, coll, and evan left and i got to play with was fun. and my manager today was this big gay guy named ruben..i love that man. he was so sweet, and, goodlord, had the best fashion sense EVER. so, i was fixing the pants and zac, like, appeared, followed by lucy and britt. we had fun times and they all tried on clothes, and looked incredibley sexy in them, to say the least. lucy found a kickass dress which was completely perfect for her, i sure do hope she buys it!!! zac tried on women's pants and looked fucking stunning in them, seriously, they were sexy as fuck. and britt also tried on pants, which made her look like a supermodel, like whoa! oh man, i love express... BEST JOB EVER!!!

anyways, my feet and calves hurt from wearing heels all day..damn

well, i'm talking to paul on the phone, so i must go!

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