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spend the night lit, listening to miles davis, you said it makes you wanna fall in love...

wow, it's been a while, aye?

well, i've been a tad bit busy, but i am always happy to be able to update my lovely little LJ! school is now underway, and it really isn't that bad at all...besides the fact that i don't have too many classes with many of my friends. all i really have is zac, caitlin in a couple, coll in one, and troy is one. there are other people i have in my classes too, that i love, like lisa, erika pereda, adam, brock, matthew, christopher, gahh, i cannot remember anymore...sorry =(

anywho...I GOT THE MUTHA-FUCKING JOB AT EXPRESS!! so, everyone that made fun of me about it or thought i wouldn't get it can EAT SHIT! awesome, it feels so good to get something that i really wanted and worked for, hooooo-ray!

also, *eep*, try-outs are tonight for Peter Pan!!! i am really, really excited about that!! i always LOVED peter pan as a kid, so it would be fun to be involved in this play, even if it is as something small, or, hell, a techie would even be uber-cool!! i have never been in a real play before, so, although i am a wee bit nervous, i am more excited than ever!! because i <3 doing new, fun things!! yayy

well, today, as petty and childish as this sounds, i almost died...because i heard the name of my favorite band in the world come from the mouth of someone i fucking hate. and, so fucking annoying, she is one of those people that only listens to stuff if it is the "big thing" on MTV. i fucking hate mtv, it makes all the little fucking teeny-bopper bitches get hooked on awesome indie bands such as yellowcard, for example. but, this particular person was talking about my beautiful taking back made me so angry. fucking poser bitch, they were awesome before MTV, and if you didn't see that then fuck off, seriously....ahh

well, sorry, i needed to vent. that was only meant to offend one person, if any, so, don't be offened unless you are like that, and if you are i'm sure i have addressed that issue already...

well, i must get ready for play try-outs and dance to fall out boy...

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