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i'm sorry it took me so long....

so, i got a complaint that i haven't posted in a while...and then i realized that he was right. and that is why i am here, plus i'm bored, and i love posting....
that aside, today sucked monkey balls...i didn't have enough money to go to riverfest, and then my mom and Pabs needed help in the basement w/ painting. later, caitlin forgot to call me, so my mom went crazy and wouldn't let me leave the house..grrr!!

but, i am going to forget about today and try to have fun tomorrow....
yesterday was lovely...i went to work, the animal shelter, and then out with paul. we drove around for a while, and then finally ended up at panera, it was tastey. then we were both craving oreos and milk, so we stopped by meijer and then went off to our star-watching spot..'nuff said 'bout that...

i really don't want school to start, i'm not ready at all...i still need at least a month more to sleep in. it sucks, because monday is my last day to sleep in before shcool, but i hafta wake up at 8am for BBBS..hurray

here's a poem i wrote a while back and only showed to jake:

the angel's wings were burned tonight,
in the darkness of the hall.
all the fuel that fed the the fire was
the product of an unspoken love,
kept in the darkest of corners.
he hid her from the world,
and she loved him more than words,
but the shame of age and constant tears
tore the night to shreds.
she tried to keep him happy,
but he never smiled.
she got undressed and did what she was expected,
but he never said those 3 small words...
so she kept herself together with the constant reminder of the moment
when her world would be burned to the ground,
so she would never have to wait for 'i love you's'

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