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with every breath i hope your body will be broken again...

oh no! i can't find my fall out boy cd!! i hope it's in my car, i really do....speaking of fall out boy, i got my tickets today for the TAKING BACK SUNDAY fall tour with matchbook romance and FOB...wooo!!! but, woah, the ticket seller lady gave me a good scare...she started looking through the computer and then was like, "i'm sorry dear, but it's sold out". i almost shit a freaking brick...but thankfully, the lady typed in the wrong numbers or something *phew*

yay, now i've gotta start a countdown for october 2nd!! yay for TBS, MBR, and FOB!!! i cannot wait, and now paul is actually pumped about it!! hoo-rayyy!!

well, i'm sleepy and i hafta get up at, like 6am tomorrow to go to chicago with paul...yay, but, meh, i'm gonna be sooo freaking tired

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